Garden Route, George – (Sep 2019).  Alwyn Uys will be competing in his third Outeniqua Cycle Challenge in 2019.

In June this year, he became the first South African paraplegic to complete an Ironman Race.  He also won two gold medals at the 2018 SA Para-cycling and competed at the 2017 Para-Cycling World Cup.

“My strength came from my brokenness. I have found power in my pain,” he is quoted as saying on his website.

Prior to his accident, Alwyn represented Maties and The Sharks on the rugby field and graduated with a B.Com in Logistics, before completing his Hons in Financial Management at Unisa. 

“Maybe, just maybe, everything of my past was preparing me for this life I am living now, disabled yes, but only physically.”

In 2014 he nearly lost his life in a motor vehicle accident, breaking his back at T8 and leaving him paralysed from the waist down.

“I thought life as I knew it was over as all my dreams and aspirations got shattered in mere seconds as my car left the road, flying into the abyss of broken dreams and a life trapped in a wheelchair”.  

He remembers waking up at the side of the road in excruciating pain.  His vision was blurry, but he could make out someone standing over him, reassuring him.  He tried to get up, but there was no response from his legs.

“It begs the question, how could surviving this crash be any kind of mercy?  It made me ask myself, where is my limit?”

Yet four years later he wheeled onto the red carpet at the Durban Ironman in his racing wheelchair having made history.

Alwyn loves sport and the outdoors.  He competes in the OCC to connect with his fellow athletes.  He is passionate about the growth of disabled sport and strives to be an inspiration to others to enjoy life and live a purposeful life in spite of their circumstance.  

Today he is involved in the family fruit export business.

“I realized that to fully embrace this new life and everything that it held for me, I had to let go of my past, of what happened to me and leap into the unknown of this new life, and what a life it has proven to be.”

The Outeniqua Cycle Challenge

The 17’Th OCC, a wheelchair race which attracts athletes from all over the world, will take place in George on Saturday 14 September 2019!

A wheelchair race exclusively for disabled athletes!

And – every year it is getting bigger and better! The number of entries has increased dramatically, with disabled athletes and other persons in wheelchairs flocking to this annual event.